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Updated Test Information:

Test Description

Sputum, lung cytology

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Specimen Type

Sputum (deep cough)

Specimen Requirements

Cytology fixative, specimen container. Collect specimen in a sterile container as fresh or with cytology fixative. If fresh, must transport within 2 hours. If in fixative, must transport within 24 hours.

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Required Information

Complete the Incyte Diagnostics requisition with the patient's demographics and relevant clinical history. Label specimen container with the patient's full first and last name, second unique identifier, and specimen source/site.


Unfixed specimens are stable for 2 hours at room temperature. Specimens fixed in cytology fixative are stable for 24 hours. Unfixed specimens which are not transported within 2 hours must be refrigerated immediately, and can remain stable for 3 days unless specimen was collected using saline.

Unacceptable Specimen Conditions

Unlabeled specimens, Specimens in incorrect fixative (such as formalin) can only be processed as a cell block. Saliva is not acceptable.

Department (code)


Estimated TAT

13 business days from receipt

Testing Schedule



Specimen: 7 days
Slides: 10 years

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Additional Information

Sputum specimens which are collected over the course of 3 days as individual specimens may be combined and submitted as one collection. However, all specimens must remain refrigerated or be in cytology fixative during the 3-day span.