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If you would like to order clinical supplies, please contact your Incyte representative to ask about adding our clinical services to your account.

Bone Marrow

rpmi edit 3

15 ml RPMI

bone marrow kit2

Bone Marrow Kit

Bulk Fixative

1 gallon formalin

1 Gallon Formalin

cytolyt 1 qt

1 Quart Cytology Fixative

5 gal formalin

5 Gallon Formalin

Clinical Supplies: Blood Draw Collection

367281 Safety Lok 21G

21g Butterfly Needle

368607 EclipseBloodCollectionNeedle 21Gx1.25in HighRes

21g Eclipse Collection Needle

368608 EclipseBloodCollectionNeedle 22Gx1.25in HighRes

22g Eclipse Collection Needle

367285 SafetyLokBCS 25G HighRes

23g Butterfly Needle

367283 SafetyLokBCS 23G HighRes

25g Butterfly Needle


Aliquot Tubes

amber aliquot tube

Amber Aliquot Tubes for light protected specimens

bd vac

BD Vacutainer™ Plastic Blood Collection Tubes with K2 EDTA

363080 ClearTransp Hemo Plastic 1.8mL HighRes

Blue Sodium Citrate Tubes 1.8ml

363083 BD Vacutainer Plastic Blood Collection Tubes with Sodium Citrate

Blue Sodium Citrate Tubes 2.7ml

Disposable Transfer Pipettes 1 ml

Disposable Transfer Pipettes 1ml

fruit punch

Fruit Punch Glucose

367986 Gold Hemo Plastic 5.0mL HighRes

Gold SST Tubes 5ml

367922 Gray Hemo Plastic 4.0mL HighRes

Gray K Oxalate/NA Fluoride 4ml

367884 Green Hemo Plastic 4.0mL HighRes

Green Lithium Heparin Tubes 4ml

green li hep 6ml

Green Lithium Heparin Tubes 6mL

367871 Green Hemo Plastic 4.0mL HighRes

Green Sodium Heparin Tubes 4ml

367841 LavenderTransp Hemo Plastic 2.0mL HighRes

Lavender Tubes (EDTA) 2ml

367861 Lavender Hemo Plastic 4.0mL HighRes

Lavender Tubes (EDTA) 4ml

lemon lime

Lemon Lime Glucose

50g orange

Orange Glucose

QuantiFERON TB Gold Plus Collection Kit T794

QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus Collection Kit (T794)

10mL Red Tube

Red Serum Tubes 10ml

6mL red tube v2

Red Serum Tubes 6ml

368381 RoyalBlue Hemo Plastic 6mL HighRes

Royal Blue EDTA Tubes

368380 RoyalBlue Hemo Plastic 6.0mL HighRes

Royal Blue Serum Tubes

367988 RedGray Conv Plastic 8.5mL HighRes

SST Tubes 8.5 ml

367855 Tan Hemo Plastic 3.0mL HighRes

Tan K2EDTA Tubes



364880 BloodTransferDevice HighRes

Transfer Device Vacutainer Luer Adapter

Tube Holder

Vacutainer Tube Holder

364606 Yellow Conv Glass 8.5mL HighRes

Yellow ACD Sol. (A) Tubes

364816 Yellow Conv Glass 6mL HighRes

Yellow ACD Sol. (B) Tubes

Clinical Supplies: Microbiology Collection

BBL CultureSwab Plus Blue 2

BD BBL™ CultureSwab™ Plus (blue cap)

Also known as Bacterial Culture Transport Swab w/gel or Amies Transport swab.

Used for aerobic and anaerobic culture, acceptable for bacterial culture.

Please be aware that due to a national supply shortage, the quantity of these items may be limited.

8577f60 46209 double red culture swab

BD BBL™ CultureSwab™ with liquid Stuart sponge

For Rapid Strep A Antigen and throat culture testing.

Please be aware that due to a national supply shortage, the quantity of these items may be limited.

364953 Vacutainer Plur CS Preservative Tube

BD Vacutainer® Plus C&S Preservative Tube

Used to preserve urine for culture

eswab 1

E Swab single swab collection (white cap)

Used for aerobic and anaerobic culture, acceptable for bacterial culture.

Please be aware that due to a national supply shortage, the quantity of these items may be limited.

Rapid fFN Collection Kit Packaging Mock Up cropped



Hemosure® iFOB Test Kit


Para-Pak C&S Stool Transport

UEF v2

Ultra Eco Fixative

Ultra Eco Fixative  for extended stool parasite testing (OAPP)

Clinical Supplies: Urine Collection

4430060 24 hr urine collection container vertical

24-Hr Urine Collection Container


90ml Specimen Containers

for urine collection

antiseptic towelettes

Antiseptic Towelettes

BD Vacutainer Urine Tubes 10ml.940x940.90af28bbcdbdfb96c115e17170d4dada

BD Vacutainer UA No Additive

ClikSeal Specimen Container 90mL Sterile

ClikSeal Specimen Container 120mL (Sterile)

365017 Urinalysis Preservative Tube v2

Urinalysis Preservative Tube

Urine hat

Urine Hat


Zeus Fixative

Zeus Fixative

Molecular Testing

unisex aptima

APTIMA® Unisex Swab Specimen Collection Kit

urine aptima collection

APTIMA® Urine Specimen Collection Kit

Please be aware that due to a national supply shortage, the quantity of these items may be limited.

aptima vaginal collection

APTIMA® Vaginal Swab Specimen Collection Kit

COVID op kit photo

COVID-19 Testing Kits: Nasal/OP

Covid NP kit photo

COVID-19 Testing Kits: NP

eswab 1

eSwab (Single Swab)

Please be aware that due to a national supply shortage, the quantity of these items may be limited.

UTM Kit 1

HSV 1 & 2 Kit




Incyte Swab

Please be aware that due to a national supply shortage, the quantity of these items may be limited.


Universal Viral Transport Collection Kit

Non-Pap Cytology / FNA

cytolyte blue top

120 ml Blue Top Cytology Fixative

cytolyt green top

30 ml Green Top Cytology Fixative

afirma kit2

Afirma Kit

new anal cytology pic

Anal Cytology Kit

brush spat


cardboard slide holder

Cardboard Slide Holder

Alcohol Slide Bellevue Only

Green Top Vial with Alcohol for FNA/Non-GYN Cytology Microscope Glass Slides - Bellevue Only



plastic slide holde

Plastic Slide Holder

positively charged slides

Positively Charged Slides

ThinPrep PreservCyt Solution

ThinPrep® PreservCyt Solution Vial

Non-GYN Cytology

Thygenext kit


Oral Biopsy Kit

oral biopsy kit

Oral Biopsy Kit

Pap Test

cyto brush

Scored Cervical Brush

pap and brush

ThinPrep® with Cervix Brush/Spatula

pap and broom

ThinPrep® with Cervix Mop/Broom (Lavender)


prostate kit 12

Prostate Biopsy Kit (12 vials)

prostate kit 8

Prostate Biopsy Kit (8 vials)



Medicare ABN Form

Clinical Requisition2x

Requisition - Clinical

derm requisition

Requisition - Dermatology

gi requisition

Requisition - Gastrointestinal

heme requisition

Requisition - Hematology

womenshealth requisition

Requisition - Histology / Cytology

hospital requisition

Requisition - Hospital / Surgical

oral requisition

Requisition - Oral & Maxillofacial

requisition podiatry

Requisition - Podiatry

urology 12 requisition

Requisition - Urology / 12 Part

urology 6 requisition

Requisition - Urology / 6 Part

Specimen Containers (Empty)

1 liter specimen container

1 Liter Specimen Container

blue top empty sterile

120 ml (Blue Top) Sterile

blue top empty1

120 ml Blue Top (Empty)

empty green top 2

30 ml Green Top (Empty)

40 ml yellow top

40 ml (Yellow Top)

400 ml yellow top

400 ml (Yellow Top)

90 ml yellow empty

90 ml (Yellow Top)

1 gallon bucket

Bucket (1 Gallon)

bucket half gallon

Bucket (1/2 Gallon)


H. pylori breathID Kit

Specimen Labeling & Packaging

9 x 6 bag

Incyte Specimen Bag - 6 X 9"

manifest turquoise

Incyte Specimen Manifest

manifest bag

Manifest Bag

Tissue Collection Supplies

20ml formalin

Formalin Tissue Bottle - 20 ml

8 oz formalin

Formalin Tissue Bottle - 237 ml (8 oz)

40ml formalin

Formalin Tissue Bottle - 40 ml

16 oz formalin

Formalin Tissue Bottle - 473 ml (16 oz)

90ml formalin

Formalin Tissue Bottle - 90 ml


Formalin Tissue Bottle - 946 ml (32 oz)



20 ml 100% Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol)

Worksheets & Handouts

Cystic Fibrosis Brochure

Cystic Fibrosis Carrier Testing Brochure

Patient Brochure

Maternal Serum Brochure

Maternal Serum Screening Brochure

Patient Brochure

PSC Card Graphic

Patient Location Cards

Patient location handouts with hours and addresses. 

placental exam

Placental Worksheet

thyroid worksheet

Thyroid FNA Worksheet

We realize that we all work in an ever-changing environment. If there has been a recent change in your office that you would like us to make on your requisition or if there are any additional supplies you would like to order that are not listed above, please note it here.

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