Direct-to-Patient COVID Testing

Does Incyte Diagnostics offer Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Covid Testing?

Yes, we recently added this option. DTC means that you can pay for and order a test on yourself without a doctor’s order.

Do I need an appointment for a COVID Test?

An appointment is not required. Walk-ins are welcome.

What testing options do you offer and what is the cost for walk-in patients?

  • Nucleic acid amplification testing (NAAT), also known as PCR or molecular testing for SARS-CoV-2. The cost is $150.
  • Antigen testing for SARS-CoV-2. The cost is $50.

Please see below for more details on test methodology

Will you bill my insurance?

Incyte can bill your insurance if you have a physician order. Without a physician order, payment will be required at the time of service.  Please check with your insurance plan regarding their reimbursement policy for testing requested by the patient. 

What payment types are available?

PCR Testing

DTC testing will require a credit card payment.  No cash or checks will be accepted. 

Please use the secure link below to enter your demographic information for testing and payment prior to your arrival at a patient service center.  There will be an on-site option for entering information and payment but this could add to your wait time.


Antigen Testing

DTC will require payment at the time of collection via credit card. No cash or checks will be accepted.

What test should I be ordering?

This depends on why you need DTC COVID testing.

We encourage individuals to look at current CDC, Federal, State, and local Department of Health guidelines and choose a test based on your needs and condition; if you need testing for travel, please go to your final destination's COVID testing requirement information to determine its specific requirements. Note the timing of testing and the type of test required. 

How quickly will I be able to get my results?

Antigen Test

Results will be available 30 minutes after collection. You can wait for a printed report in your car or we will email you your results. Please note QR codes will not be available on antigen reports.

PCR Test

Results will be available to you within 48-hours, and include a QR. You will receive a text message when your results are done.  Results can be retrieved using the secure login you created at the time of collection. Click HERE to download instructions. They will also be available at the time of collection.

Please see sample reports here: Antigen ResultsPCR Results

Where can I get COVID PCR testing?

COVID PCR testing sites and their hours of operation can be found HERE*

*Please note that Direct to Consumer COVID testing is NOT available in Idaho or Oregon.   

Where can I get COVID antigen testing?

Due to supply constraints we only offer Antigen testing at four of our patient service centers. They are listed below.

318 E Rowan Suite 205
Spokane, WA 99207

9631 N Nevada St Suite 210
Spokane, WA 99218

221 Wellsian Way
Richland, WA 99352

Do you perform COVID testing for travel, school, return to work, or recreational events?


Travel Testing

If you need testing for travel, please go to your final destination's COVID testing requirements to determine its requirements, including the timing of the testing and what type of test will be required.  

Return to School

School and University requirements vary.  We recommend reaching out to your school for specific requirements.  Both Antigen and PCR testing are available depending on your school’s requirements

Return to Work or Regular Work Testing

Requirements are up to individual workplaces. Incyte will accommodate various return to work policies and may have testing agreements in place for your specific company. Please check with your HR department for the type of testing they will accept.

Recreational Events

Requirements are event specific. Please check with the event hosts for their requirements.