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1,25 Dihydroxy Vitamin D

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Updated Test Information:

Test Description
1,25 Dihydroxy Vitamin D

Dihydroxyvitamin D, UOW1876

Test ID
General Information

The concentration of 1,25(OH)2D is determined by immunoaffinity extraction followed by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. The reportable range is 5-200 pg/mL for both 1,25(OH)2D2 and 1,25(OH)2D3, which are summed to give the total 1,25(OH)2D concentration, with imprecision between 8.7 and 13.0 %CV.

Container Type

4 mL blood in Gold SST tube

Also Acceptable: 4 mL blood in Orange RST or Red top tube

Pediatric: 2 Full Gold Microtainer

Specimen Type


Specimen Requirements

1 mL serum

Specimen Collection / Processing Instructions

Freeze serum at -20°C

Testing is performed once weekly on Monday morning. Samples must be received by the performing lab by 5:00 a.m in order to be included in the weekly run. It is recommended that samples be collected prior to Monday morning in order to ensure that samples are included in the weekly run.

Minimum Sample Volume

0.8 mL serum

Department (code)

Chemistry, University 


Serum immunoaffinity extraction. Isotope dilution liquid chromatography mass spectrometry

Testing Schedule


Test Includes

125VD2        1,25 Dihydroxy Vitamin D2
125VD3        1,25 Dihydroxy Vitamin D3
125VDT        1,25 Dihydroxy Vitamin D Total
125VDM       1,25 Dihydroxy Vitamin D Method

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